Alert Guard Patrol Monitor: Sends instant notification, if the Guard misses a Round


1st Notification sent
to Junior Officers of
Security Agency


Subsequent lapses,escalated &
Notification sent to management
of Security Agency


If lapses continue,
Management or Owners
will receive the notification

IoT the technology that drives smart cities, smart ‘everything’ is now driving ‘smart guard patrol monitoring systems ’. Two-T Technologies, the pioneers in IoT solutions have developed a smart guard patrol monitoring system that will help you to monitor a Guards Patrol from the comfort of ‘Wherever you are’.

The Solution: Customized sensors are fixed at Check Points across the patrol route. Guard is provided with a mobile phone that will remind him to go on Patrol / Round. As the Guard walks around, the mobile app picks up the signals from the check points and populates the database.

If the Guard misses his round, designated people are notified (on their mobiles) who can act or take prevent action immediately.

Ideal solution for Business Owners to safeguard their property and also for Security Agencies to ensure they safeguard their clients property and do not incur loss on compensating for a theft or robbery.

Guard-patrol-client1            Guard-patrol-client2            Guard-patrol-client3

Existing Systems (wand based) Our Solution
No alarm on lapses - Post Mortem Alarm triggered on lapse – ample opportunity to take preventive steps
Lacks real time reporting and Panic Buttons. Send Voice Message, Photos , Videos to supervisors. Panic Button on extreme emergency
New guard has to be trained – agencies always cite this as a excuse – tough to enforce Just Carry the mobile in his pocket – no room for excuses
Guard has to be aware of the tracking points (or stations), tracking points (buttons) have to be accessible Guard need not even know the exact tracking point. Liberty to fix points at corners that are not physically accessible
A PC is essential and Reports only after data download and merging. Live Reports – no downloading, merging etc., Cloud based, access from anywhere.
Wand / Widget Based – now outdated IoT, Android – smart phone based.
Our system will wake up concerned people if The Guard doesn’t Patrol


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