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Visitor Management System

It is imperative for large organizations to monitor visitor movement on their campus discreetly. This is more apt for nuclear, defence, pharma, research laboratories etc., Security have enough expertise to track intrusions and are left clueless in managing or tracking 'bonafide visitors'. Todays industrial security demands a close watch on these 'bonafide' visitors also.
Visitor Management System
Visitor Management System

Visitor Straying on campus is a potential danger. Deputing a Security personnel to monitor the CCTV footage is not a solution as they can only visualize the presence of the visitor but they cannot comprehend the deviation. From a security perspective it is essential that the security officer is warned of the deviation by the visitor. Our Solutions resolve this issue. We have adopted IoT components in amalgamation with web technologies and offer this solution at a lower price (when comapred with legacy systems that costed a bomb).
Visitor Management Software Solution
visitor management system
Make a great first impression
Bring that “cool factor” to your office when you present visitors with a modern check-in experience. The first impression anyone has of your office is when they walk in the door...make sure it’s a good one!
Best visitor management system
Visitor log & evacuation list
Track who’s coming and going quickly and privately from the cloud. With no visitor log book out in the open, your list is safe and secure. And in case of emergency, it’s easy to check who’s in the building
Visitor Management System - Software
Easy set up. Get started in minutes
The application is easy to configure and manage. Initial setup of local server including mapping of visitor route maps on your site plan will be done by us and handed over.
best Visitor Management System in India
Custom button-based workflows
Cater to special visitors with custom check-in workflows. Need to… • Show NDAs for some visitors but not for others? • Show certain employee contacts for some visitors but not for others? • Customize the information you collect for different types of visitors? • Print badges for some visitors but not for others?
visitors monitoring system
NDAs & legal agreements
Your visitors can easily sign your company’s legal agreements during the check-in process. You can upload one or more PDFs or videos, and later view signed documents from the visitor log.
visitor monitoring software
Returning visitor recognition & pre-registration
With returning visitor recognition, you can ensure frequent visitors such as contractors have an expedited check-in process. With pre-registration, you can impress key guests with a super quick check-in experience
Custom visitor badges
Custom visitor badges
Use our proprietary, drag-and-drop badge customization tool to print visitor badges with name, photo, and employee host so you can easily identify who’s in your building and why.
Visitor Management System
Delivery buttons
Now delivery drivers can easily connect with their contact in the office. Choose between preselecting delivery recipients for the whole company, or letting the delivery driver contact individuals when their package arrives. You can even choose message options for the delivery, such as “Requires signature,” “Left delivery at counter,” and “Will re-deliver.” Or you can create a custom message best suited for your unique office delivery needs
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